E-Backup-Online Service - Subscription and Installation

Turn your Internet connection into a full-time backup device for your critical data. E-Backup-Online's allows you to select files on your system and back them up to our secure Internet backup servers. The software is simple to use and can be easily automated. It allows backup of multiple computers to a single account. Enjoy virtually unlimited storage at your fingertips.

How do I get started?

Simply follow the subscription and installation instructions. We'll ask for all the basic stuff such as name, address, phone, payment method, etc., and then you'll receive a e-mail confirming your order.  Within 24 hours you'll receive another e-mail with your account information and link to download your client software.  Install the client software on your computer.  You must have a live internet connection when you install and configure the program.

Subscribing to the E-Backup-Online Service is quick and easy!

To get started right away with your online backup account, choose your ideal Base Plan, pick either Monthly, or Annual billing from the links below.  There is a one-time, non-refundable setup and licensing fee of $9.95

   E-Backup-Online Space


Up to 100 MB
Ideal for backing up your
"my documents" folder!
$9.95 per month*
Up to 200 MB $16.95 per month*
Up to 500 MB $19.95 per month*
Up to 1 GB $29.95 per month*
Up to 2 GB $39.95 per month*
Up to 5 GB $49.95 per month*
Up to 10 GB $89.95 per month*
Up to 20 GB $139.95 per month*
Over 20 GB call
Additional computer to share storage space on same account $10 license fee plus $5 extra per month.
* Credit Card and Annual Accounts -
    Open Invoiced Accounts add $10 per month
Billing : Annual 5% Discount


Select your Storage and Payment plan:

Recurring Monthly Charge -  Automatically pay each month
I have read and agree to the Service Agreement

Charge My Credit Card One Time for the Year (Includes Discount)
I have read and agree to the Service Agreement

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For questions please contact

To setup a account that will be invoiced, please contact

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